About Bunny Buddies

Bunny Buddies is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, primarily serving the Greater Houston area. We are dedicated to house rabbit rescue, education, and advocacy. We do not presently own or operate a shelter, but function as a network of foster homes and volunteers.

Our Mission

  • To educate the public about house rabbits and their care.
  • To emphasize the need for all rabbits to be spayed or neutered.
  • To provide homeless rabbits with foster homes, exercise, and attention until each can be placed in a loving, indoor home as a valued family member.
  • To take in when space and funds permit, hard-to-adopt or special-needs rabbits who are at risk of death or injury.

Other Goals

  • We strive to offer opportunities for education in house rabbit care from an introductory level to advanced, as well as opportunities for socializing and networking with area house rabbit enthusiasts.
  • While we attempt to keep up-to-date information to assist with locating rabbit-savvy veterinarians, we are not qualified to diagnose medical conditions.
  • Because of our dedicated volunteers and generous donations, we are able to work with individuals and area shelters to help save many abandoned and surrendered rabbits who would otherwise face euthanasia.
  • We have had tremendous success in facilitating adoptions, helping to make the best possible human/rabbit matches, and working with these adopters to ensure a happy home environment for all.
  • By spending time with and socializing mistreated or misunderstood rabbits , we are able rehabilitate them to the point where they could be adopted. In most cases, the rabbits who enter our care are able to become important family members in their new, forever homes.
  • Because of the unacceptably high numbers of rabbits who are surrendered, abandoned, and euthanized each and every year, we do not support rabbit breeding practices. Therefore, all of the rabbits in our care are spayed/neutered before being made available for adoption.
  • Because domestic rabbits housed outdoors are most often denied the love, attention, and care they need,  we adopt only to indoor homes and encourage all rabbit guardians to explore the possibility of bringing their rabbits indoors.


Bunny Buddies began in 1996 when local animal shelter volunteers and house rabbit guardians Janis (Abel) Hyde, Elizabeth Murphy, Helen Swann, and Nichole Taylor realized that Houston needed a group dedicated to educating the public about house rabbits. Since then, Bunny Buddies' dedicated volunteers have helped improve the lives of countless rabbits and the people who care for them.