I Want To Foster

Help! Foster a Bunny

In the last few years there have been numerous news stories about the remarkably high numbers of cats and dogs being surrendered to animal shelters—largely as a result of a difficult economy. Well, the same is true for rabbits! Surrenders and dumps are higher than we’ve ever seen them here in Houston. Bunny Buddies’ foster homes are over-full, and area shelters have bunnies on a waiting list for space, and short on time.
Bunny Buddies can help with spays/neuters, supplies, and advice on rabbit care, as well as assistance placing the bunnies with permanent adoptive families. We just need foster homes and willing caregivers. If you or someone you know might be willing to foster a bunny— even on a short-term basis, please fill out and submit an application for fostering. All bunnies must be housed indoors, as Houston summer heat can be fatal to bunnies.


Why Foster

One of the best ways you can help Bunny Buddies is by becoming a foster parent and opening your home to a bunny in need. Our foster network is the foundation of our rescue efforts, and we are always in need of more foster homes. Fostering can save a shelter bunny from euthanasia or a rescued stray bunny from injury or starvation. Fostering can be extremely rewarding and satisfying. Most of our foster parents are amazed at the infinite variety of rabbit personalities and feel privileged to get to know each bunny who comes into their home.

Fostering Requirements

The following guidelines are to help you decide whether fostering is right for you and to help ensure that all of our furry friends are well cared for and prepared to move comfortably to their " forever" homes when the time is right.

  • You must have experience caring for house rabbits.
  • You must be a member of Bunny Buddies. (This helps ensure that you are " plugged in" to our communication and support network. If the terms of membership pose a hardship for you, please speak confidentially with a member of our Foster/Adoption Team.) Please see Details on how to join
  • You must have read and understood the   Rabbit Care Guide and the House Rabbit Fostering Handbook.
  • Any personal rabbits in your home must be spayed or neutered.
  • You must make a commitment to fostering for the long-term, as we need to be able to count on our foster homes. Most fosters are with their foster families for a couple of months at the very least. Exceptions are made when we are in need of a "holding" space for a few days or weeks. Please let us know if you might be able to be kept on our list of short-term/emergency only fosters.
  • You must be able to house and exercise your foster rabbit indoors and separated from your personal rabbits.
  • You must be able to bring your foster rabbit to adoption days upon request (i.e. when we get a request for your particular rabbit), or make arrangements to get someone to bring him/her if you can't make the event.
  • You must be able to provide your foster rabbit at least 2 hours a day out of his/her cage. The exercise time required may vary depending upon the amount of play space constantly available, but remember that socialization time with you is also important.
  • You must understand that all fostering decisions are made by the Chair of the Foster/Adoption Committee and the Board of Directors.
  • You must be willing to allow occasional site visits by a member of the Foster/Adoption Committee.
  • You must have email/Internet access and be a member of the BB Yahoo discussion group; this is the main way we keep in touch with each other.
  • You must be willing to keep your foster bunny's records current in our internet-based database "iShelters".


What if I decide I want to adopt my foster bunny

It happens! We jokingly and lovingly call this "foster failure". While foster homes are an invaluable part — in fact, the foundation — of our rescue efforts, we hope you can learn to let go and experience the joy of seeing your "baby" find a forever home, you would have "first dibs" on your foster bunny.

The Foster Application

To become a foster parent, fill out one of the foster application forms (see Forms Page).
Please remember to read the Fostering Handbook too. If you still have questions, please contact us.