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About this Website

Welcome to  The purpose of our website is ...

  • Provide timely information about Bunny Buddies Inc.  This would include,
    • Rescue Events
    • Adoption Events
    • Volunteer and adoption opportunities
    • Upcoming special Events.
  • Provide a source for rabbit related information.
    • Informational articles about rabbit heath, behavior, feeding, etc...
    • Documentary Pictures/Videos relating to rabbit care and health.
  • Host a forum for our users to share their experiences and give advice.  This includes
    • Picture and movie galleries highlighting our rescue events and adoption events.
    • Online comment submittal for all logged in and authorized members.

Obtaining an Account

Obtaining an account on is very simple, and requires the following steps:

  1. Go to Our Account Request Page and request an account.  This requires that you have a valid e-mail address. 
  2. Once you complete the Account Request form, you should be e-mailed a "one time access" e-mail.  In that e-mail is a link.  Click on that link, and you should be directed to a page to select a password and fill in other details.
  3. Take time to properly configure your account with your name, ID, and a photo picture of either you, or any other appropriate image of your choice.
  4. Note:  The picture you supply for the "Picture" field will not be displayed on our photos page.  To get your picture to show up on our Meet the Bunny Buddies page, you must supply some picture for the Human Picture and you must type in your full name for your Human NameOnly verified Bunny Buddies members will have their pictures show up on our photo page.
  5. You are now ready to submit comments online!  Simply go to the article for which you want to add a comment.  Make sure you are logged in, because the comment submittal form does not show up unless you are!


Commenting on an Article

Adding comments to articles is very easy.  Follow these steps, taking note of anything highlighted in red ...

  1. You must obtain an account and log in. (See Above)
  2. Navigate to the the article that you wish to comment on.  If the article allows comments, a form should appear at the bottom of the article.  This form only appears when you are logged in.  Note that not all articles are open for comments, and some have been closed so that no more comments can be added.
  3. Once you have posted your comment, the following will happen ...
    1. If your account is brand new (i.e. you applied for it right before posting your comments), OR if you are not a Bunny Buddies member (i.e. you have not kept up your yearly membership), your comments will be sent to the content administrator for approval.  Approval of your comments might take 24-48 hours so please be patient.  Once your comments are reviewed, they will show up just like normal.
    2. If you have been verified as a Bunny Buddies member, your comments should show up immediately.  If you know you are a Bunny Buddies member and you are not seeing this, please contact  at once!
    3. In either case, your message will be posted to our Moderated Yahoo Group, and this will follow the same moderation guidelines outlined there.  All subscribers to the yahoo group will therefore see your message just as if you posted it to the group.  As mentioned, this also applies to account holders who are not members of Bunny Buddies.