Register for Kroger Community Rewards Program

You can now register your Kroger Plus card online to support Bunny Buddies.  (You can also go into a store to do this too).  If you wish to register a card online, please have your card # available (it is an 11 digit # printed on the bottom of card).  Follow these steps to register your card:

If you already have a Kroger online account sign in here:  Otherwise create a new account here:  If you are registering a new card, you will be asked to specify your "Preferred Store" and your Card #.  You are only allowed to register one card per account.  If you have a family with multiple persons using different cards, it looks like you will have to do this procedure for every Kroger Card you possess.

Go to your Profile Summary page here:  This should take you to your configuration screen (see screenshot below)

Click on Edit under  "Community Rewards".  This should take you to a screen that lets you search for a charity.  If you type in "Bunny Buddies" , it should give you BUNNY BUDDIES INC. as an option.  After selecting us as your charity, just hit Save and you are done!  See screen shot below: