Rabbit Care Guide

Rabbit Care Guide


Bunny Buddies is a Houston area not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about house rabbits and their care. We serve as a forum for educational presentations and to facilitate networking amongst Houston area house rabbit owners. We can provide vet referrals, but we are not able to give medical advice. Working privately and with local shelters, we foster rabbits that would otherwise be euthanized due to the lack of homes. We facilitate rabbit adoptions, matching people and rabbits together, working with families to ensure a successful and happy home for all. Our adoption fees are very reasonable- $35 for a single and $50 for a pair of bunnies. This includes spaying/neutering, which actually costs between $100 and $300 at a vet’s office. Rabbits for sale at pet and feed stores are not neutered or spayed, which is the primary reason they are abandoned. Once you get a rabbit “fixed” many of the bad behaviors caused by raging hormones disappear.

We do not support rabbit breeding practices as there are too many homeless rabbits already. All rabbits that we find homes for are spayed and neutered upon being adopted. We encourage people to house their rabbits indoors, as Houston is prone to summers of unbearable heat and humidity. Rabbits also have too many predators to live safely outdoors.

Bunny Buddies is always in need of new volunteers to help with our efforts, which includes fostering rabbits. If you have some spare time which you might want to devote towards rabbits who need you, or if you have space in your home for the foster care of rabbits, we encourage you to contact us. It’s extremely rewarding to see a pet placed in a loving home when all the odds were against it.

Mailing Address Bunny Buddies
P.O. Box 131894
Houston TX 77219-1894
Contact Information http://bunnybuddies.org/content/contact
Phone Contact 713-822-8256
Veterinarian Information http://bunnybuddies.org/content/findavet