Join the Bunny Buddies Family

Bunny Buddies provides an instant network of bunny resources with a combined wealth of experience and knowledge and a community of people who “get” one another and our common love for rabbits. Whether it’s getting advice on litter training, asking about the safety of a particular veggie, looking for someone to trade bunny sitting with, or seeking advice when your rabbit “just doesn’t seem right,” it’s good to know you’ve got people around to help.

In addition to the advantages membership provides you, membership fees and donations help offset the cost of housing our foster rabbits and providing for their veterinary care. This money also allows us to continue as an organization and to expand our educational programs.

Sustaining Bunny Buddies Membership

Our new sustaining membership option gives you choice in your level of support—divided into 12 monthly payments automatically billed to your credit/debit card. What that means for Bunny Buddies is a steady monthly cash flow that we can budget and rely upon to continue our important rabbit rescue efforts. Of course, you can change your membership pledge at any time. Our sustaining memberships levels are as follows:

  • Level I—Peter Rabbit—$5/month
  • Level II—Energizer Bunny—$15/month
  • Level III—Hazel & Fiver—$25/month
  • Level IV—Velveteen Rabbit—$50/month

Start your sustaining membership here.

Annual Bunny Buddies Membership

Our annual membership fees are modest and also support our rabbit rescue work. Your membership will be renewable one calendar year from the date we receive your application and payment. Our current annual membership levels are as follows:

  • Individual Membership—$20/year
  • Family Membership—$30/year

Start your annual membership here.

About Bunny Buddies’ Yahoo! Group

Members are invited to join our Yahoo! discussion group, which is an invaluable resource both for new bunny parents and experienced bunny “veterans.” We share advice, tips, tricks, stories, and photos with fellow “bunny people.”

Because the group also serves as the primary means of conducting “official” organizational business, the group is restricted to Bunny Buddies members whose dues are current. The group (sometimes referred to as a “list”) is moderated, meaning that each message must be approved by the group’s owner or moderator (one of our volunteers) before it is posted. This moderated status assures you that you will not be receiving “junk mail” from this group. (Please note: Sometimes list users find the quantity of emails daunting. We suggest that, rather than removing yourself from the list, you change your settings to send a “daily digest” or to simply retrieve messages from the group home page whenever you wish. This way, the group is there for you when you have a question or something to share with others.)

When you join the list, you will be among the first to receive messages about adoption days, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bunny) events, and other opportunities.

How to Join the Yahoo! Group

You should automatically receive an invitation to join the list upon processing of your complimentary membership included with your first adoption or your membership application. If you don’t receive the email invitation within a few days, go here and click “Join Group.” Be sure to tell us in the comments line that you are a recent adopter or a new member.

Accessing and Using the Group

Once you have joined the group (“list”), you can participate on the list by going to the list’s web address and clicking “sign-in” or by clicking on the Yahoo! image on the right and “sign-in.” Being on the list does allow the privileges of reading the discussions and discussion comments submitted by other members. If you would like to comment on a topic you may comment to the membership using the address. To help reduce clutter, if your response is intended for only one person, please change the “TO” line to that person’s email address. If you change the subject thread to a new subject, please indicate that in the subject line so other readers can keep up with the discussion. In general, discussions should be limited to topics relating to house rabbits.

Should you want to contact Bunny Buddies by email, use the address or click on the mail symbol at the right.

Should you want to change your email address, you can visit our Yahoo! group and unsubscribe one email address and subscribe another. At your option you may unsubscribe completely. For complete instructions, refer to the email you received from Yahoo! when you first joined the group.