Please click here to learn more about the RHDV2 outbreak in Texas.

Also, a note from the Bunny Buddies family regarding COVID-19:

Due to concerns over the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we are suspending our adoption events until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and we hope to resume our events as soon as possible.

For any potential adopters, we will work with you and our foster families on a one-on-one basis for those who are comfortable conducting a no-contact meeting.

The health and safety of our foster families and potential adopters is our primary concern during this pandemic. We encourage everyone to follow the CDC for more information and guidelines for how to protect yourself and prevent the spread.

We also send our heartfelt thanks to all medical personnel (including veterinary clinics!), first responders, grocery store employees, truckers, and all essential workers during this time.