***If you have found a displaced rabbit in the Greater Houston area and you need help, send us a Facebook message, call our Hopline (713) 822-8256 or send us an email (info@bunnybuddies.org). Bunny Buddies works with all local shelters and can help with supplies for, or transport of displaced rabbits to one of the three rabbit savvy shelter (Citizens for Animal Protection http://www.cap4pets.org/, Houston Humane Society http://www.houstonhumane.org/, and the Houston SPCA http://www.houstonspca.org/). If you’re staying at a local shelter or hotel, and need supplies or a safe haven for your furry friend for a few days/weeks, contact us! We can bring your supplies and have a network of local bunny people who are able to provide temporary rabbit housing.***

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Bunny Buddies is moved by and very grateful for the donations which have come in from across the U.S. and abroad to help bunnies affected by Hurricane Harvey. Even though animal rescue can be quite discouraging at times, we are always refreshed by the support of like-minded animal lovers. And “Bunny People” are the BEST!

Harvey’s destruction in Texas and, particularly, in the Greater Houston Area, left many people without homes, automobiles, workplaces, and—sadly—pets. It will be a very long time before residents of the region can return to any semblance of “normal.” Shelters for both people and pets are still filled, and these people have not even been able to begin the process of recovery.

So far, we have been surprised that the number of rabbits surrendered to us has not been much greater than it has, and we’re afraid of what that could mean. Part of the reason is that some of the very large animal organizations (ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, etc.)—who have been on the front lines of retrieving animals found wandering the streets or in evacuated homes and neighborhoods, taking in hundreds of them—must keep these animals on stray hold to allow their owners time to retrieve them. We will almost certainly be getting rabbits from their shelters when the hold period expires. There are still neighborhoods under water, and there will be more animals found in these areas. Many of the effects on the pets of the area and the organizations who care for them have yet to be seen, and will probably go on for weeks, or even months. Since Bunny Buddies works with almost 100 private and municipal shelters in the Greater Houston Area, and only three of these are equipped to care for rabbits, we’ll be getting transfer requests for bunnies they take in. In all likelihood, some of these bunnies will require veterinary care. As those of you who have house rabbits are probably keenly aware, veterinary care by a rabbit-savvy, specialized exotics veterinarian can get costly very quickly. Since our policy is that the decision to euthanize is always based on what is best for the rabbit, not for considerations of space, convenience, or expense, we will be prepared to incur some substantial charges for veterinary care.

One bunny was scooped out of flood waters swimming for her life. Her rescuers got her to one of the mass shelters; one of our partnering veterinarians who was volunteering on-site was able to get her and transfer her to us. We have taken into foster care some pre-Harvey rabbits from area shelters to make room for Harvey intakes. We are also helping people who are without homes by fostering their bunnies until they are in a position to take them back. When they do, we’ll help with essential supplies they will need to start over. We are also supplying some of the shelters with quality hay and pellets for any rabbits they take in.

All of this is to say there is much uncertainty about how extensive Bunny Buddies’ role will be in caring for the rabbits left stranded and homeless. We’re hoping for it to be minimal, but preparing for it to be substantial. Many of you are asking what our greatest needs are. Based on current and anticipated circumstances, they are:

  • Cash donations—Cash donations allow us to cover a variety of needs and are vital when unanticipated expenses are incurred. Donations by credit or debit card can be made here.
  • Timothy or Orchard hay
  • Quality Timothy-based pelleted food for adult rabbits (Oxbow, Kaytee Timothy Complete, or similar)
  • Bunny-safe litter (Yesterday’s news or other unscented, paper-based litter, Woody Pet or similar stove pellet litter, or Carefresh-type litter)
  • Grocery or department store gift cards for purchasing fresh greens and supplies
  • Items from our “Post-Harvey Needs” wish list on Amazon (Be sure to use Amazon Smile and select Bunny Buddies, Inc. as your charity of choice and a portion of your purchase price comes back to Bunny Buddies.) You can find our Hurricane Harvey wish list here.

Product donations can be sent to:

Bunny Buddies, Inc.
c/o Pool Side Tile Marble & Tile Collection
1285 N. Post Oak Road, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77055

Checks and gift cards can be mailed to:

Bunny Buddies, Inc.
P.O. Box 131894
Houston, Texas 77219-1894

Thank you for your generosity and compassion!

Les R. Wood, President
Bunny Buddies, Inc.